Flame Cutting Services

Flame cutting (also known as oxyfuel cutting) is one of the longest established steel cutting methods. The oxyfuel process was in use as early as 1901 and is a thermal method of cutting unalloyed or low-alloy steel. The surface is heated to ignition temperature with an oxygen/fuel mixed flame, then rapidly oxidized with a higher-pressure oxygen jet, which blows the oxidation products out of the cut (or kerf).

Although other methods of cutting have been developed which can cut with a higher degree of accuracy and finish (Laser, high-definition plasma, waterjet), flame-cutting remains the most cost and time-efficient method of cutting thicker gauges of carbon steel plate.

Material requirements

Below are some requirements for the material to be flame cut:

  • Heated metal burns in clean oxygen.
  • The ignition temperature of the metal is lower than the melting temperature.
  • Burning reaction creates enough oxygen.
  • The thermal conductivity of the metal is low enough.

The greatest advantage of the flame cutting compared to mechanical or other thermal cutting technologies is the capability to cut very thick steel plates. This is made possible by the process itself because the cutting energy comes because of oxidation of the metal which is an exothermic reaction.

CNC controlled flame-cutting machines

At Plan Profiling we operate two CNC controlled flame-cutting machines, each with multiple cutting heads which facilitate rapid cutting of large batches of components. Standard shaped components can be directly programmed and nested on the machines, more complex drawings are downloaded from our office-based CAD software, or directly from customer’s own software.

We comply with NASS guidelines for dimensional and squareness tolerances for flame-cut components and with BS EN10029 for material thickness and flatness. Details available upon request.

  • Max. length: 5m
  • Max. width: 2m
  • Material Thickness: 6mm-150mm
  • Max. lift: 4000 Kg.
Stock Range:
  • S275JR: 6mm-150mm
  • S355J2+N: 6mm-150mm
  • S690QL / RQT701: 10mm-50mm
  • Wearplate: 6mm-60mm
  • EN8 / C40 / C45: 20-50mm

Other grades (Pressure vessel / Weathering etc.) can be supplied according to customer requirements.

Please call 01942 491782 or Contact Us to discuss your individual flame cut profiling requirements.